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What's this then?
In short, I'm just a really nice guy. If you know me from somewhere, and you can think of a good reason as to why I would offer you either a shell account or some space for your leet web site, feel free to contact me by e-mail (using the name, real or otherwise, you know me under, and at this very domain) and present your case. Who knows, I might be having a good day.
The host key for the ssh daemon can be downloaded from here, or you can just write me an e-mail to request it if you feel sufficiently paranoid.
I offer no guarantees as far as availability, support for your cool and nifty script or favourite database back-end, or for that matter bandwidth. Neither do I charge any amount of money. I may, however, be persuaded to take into my care that old piece of computer equipment you were going to toss out, if it's unusual enough, or if it's something I can put to good use.